Import from Jira is not working


I’m trying to import a project from Jira without success.

I did everything from the migration topic (#164), but the migration page gets stucked.


I’m using the .

Hi @achvaicer,

We will need some more information, could you open the user console (F12) and check if it displays any errors?


Based on this error, the problem is the Jira version.

“There was an error; probably due to an unsupported Jira version.
Taiga does not support Jira releases from 8.6.”

But when I create an account o Jira Cloud, I can’t choose which version Jira will be running.

Hi, @achvaicer,

Correct, Taiga’s import feature for Jira does not work with Jira Cloud. Only self-hosted instances, with versions up to 8.6.


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