Promote an EPIC to a project?

Is it possible to something like this?
As a PO I want to promote EPICS from a project into a new project, so i can work with/ invite external users without them seeing my whole progress in the first project.
Sometime Epics become an independent project that requires help from people from outside your organization. But these people are not allowed to see the whole internal stuff.
How to takle this issue?

tobias s


Do you want those external users to be able to see the epics and the stories in them and not the kanban? I’m so sorry to tell you that I haven’t been able to find any way to do this.
The closer I get is this setup:

  • “stakeholder project” with all the epics
  • “team project” with all the stories, the kanban, the wiki… whatever you need.
    • a special role for the stakeholder with only access to stories
  • Link the stories from “team project” to the epics on “client project”

That way, they can access the epics list and see the progress, read the epics and the stories linked to those epics in the “stakeholder project”, and work with you there. The downside is that they will also have access to “team project” if they wish.

I assume that you need a different solution. There doesn’t seem to be anything else.

Cheers and happy new year! :wave: