Permissions setting / "View my issues only"

In the Permissions setting, you can configure the “View issues” attribute.

Is there any way that the end user can see her issues only? (creator/watcher). For our case, we want the end users to submit comments/issues for an application. These users should see their requests only to check the progress, etc.

Hi gmavrok,

Not at the moment, I’m sorry. In Taiga, you can only configure permissions for all external users, which means a user would see not only their own open issue but also those of other external users. The user can search for their issue using keywords, but of course, it’s not an automated process.

We’ll keep this in mind for future improvements :slight_smile:
Best regards.

Yo Esther!
Is there a way to set the rights of an external user in a way that the external user is only allowed to work within an EPIC which is assigned to the external user?

tobias s

Hi @Tobias_S

There are certain limitations with your approach.

  • First of all you cannot associate anything (epic, user story, issue or task) to an external user. You can only associate items with project members.
  • On the other hand, you cannot apply permissions to specific users. Only to roles within project members and to external users (all non-project member users).

Therefore the answer is that you cannot do what you want.

Best regards