Search option problem (discover page)

Hello everybody!

I have discover page, but I don’t see any liked or active projects on that page. And the search option does not work, it cannot find anything. Is it ok?


Hi John17,
Are you running Taiga on a self-hosted instance?
We only list public projects on the discovery page; maybe your projects are private?


Dear EstherMoreno,

Yes, on self-hosted instance in docker. Oh, yes. All my projects were private. That was strange for me! I would like to have a search option over all projects I am taking part in. Is possible to switch on the search over the closed projects as well?

The Discover page is designed just for discovering other projects, so you can’t search for your private ones. On the Projects page, you can see your projects in a list, and you can search them using Ctrl+F or similar.
To get to the Projects page, you have to click on Project the button in the header, left side.
I hope it helps.