Setting up Taiga (Self-Hosted) From Scratch


We’re looking to deploy the self-managed version of Taiga. I went through the 30-minute setup guide, and I’m wondering if there is more detailed documentation on the system requirements (RAM, HDD etc.) for the (Linux) host where the Docker engine will be installed. Along with guidance on the specifications for the host depending on the number of users you plan to deploy it for. Thanks.


Hi @adriansobers,

We don’t have a detailed table of HW requirements per number of users, but HW needs of Taiga are low. With a server with at least 2GB of RAM and 20 GB of HD would be enough to set up an instance of a few hundred users.

If you provide more detailed information about the use of the instance you intend to set up (number of users, if you will work with many or few attachments and if the size of these will be big or small…) we can offer more specific advice if needed.

Good afternoon! Have you achieved any results on your question? I am interested because I am also studying this issue. This issue is not particularly disclosed on the forum.

@collex100 Nothing as yet. We’re now starting in earnest; I’ll post anything helpful here.