Taiga at PenpotFest

Hi there :wave:

Our colleagues of Penpot are throwing a party for designers and developers, in Barcelona. Meet the https://penpotfest.org/.

They’ll have outstanding speakers, workshops, time for networking and plenty of fun stuff; they even have a boat!

@Miryam and me will be giving a talk about Taiga Next, and how to make it global, inclusive and accesible, June 30th at 11am.

If you’re interested in how designers and developers are trully collaborating together, check the Agenda - Penpot Fest and get your ticket! Besides, Barcelona in June is beautiful, the perfect excuse for an improvised trip!

For those of you who cannot attend the festival, we’ll share the video as soon as we have it.



I wanted to remind you of some exciting news. Tomorrow, at Penpot Fest, we have this remarkable talk lined up that you won’t want to miss!

  • Title: “Tell me why (ain’t nothing but a project management tool”
  • Speakers: @yami, backend expert at Taiga, and @Miryam, skilled in Product Ownership and User Experience at Taiga.
  • Date: Friday June 30th, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (CEST)

To join the live stream simply visit Peertube or Youtube.

Check the full agenda on the Penpot Fest website to discover other exciting sessions taking place throughout the event. Oh, and feel free to hop into the live chats, ask questions, and join the social media buzz using the hashtag #penpotfest.