📢 Taiga next update livestream: Accessibility focus, why it matters and demo!

Lean and Agile project management tools are terrible at accessibility. At best, it’s treated as an afterthought.

The next Taiga is determined to provide unparalleled accessibility support as a core principle and a native benefit.

If you would like to know more about the intersection between accessibility and usability on The next Taiga and what’s the Taiga promises regarding accessibility, don’t to miss our next live stream with Pablo Ruiz, CEO at Taiga, Penpot and Kaleidos.


  • Update on the next Taiga development!
  • Why accessibility matters to the team and how we are handling it
  • Demo time: accessibility on a kanban board!
  • Comments and Q&A: get your questions answered right away!

:point_right: If you cannot make it, you will find the video in our YouTube channel