Taiga partial functionality, 500s on Create Project in Kubernetes install

I know this is a long shot since a Kubernetes deployment isn’t supported, but I’m at a bit of a loss. I’ve ‘successfully’ deployed Taiga by mimicing the docker-compose example in Kubernetes to the point that I can create an account, sign in, view my profile, hit the API, etc.

However, not all is as it should be. If I attempt to create a new project the request fails with an HTTP 500, leaving the application spinning until I cancel the action. This produces similar 500 error lines on the gateway and my ingress logs, but nothing in the taiga-back container.

Stranger still, if I use the api/v1/projects endpoint I can get a list of all the projects I’ve ‘successfully’ created, despite the fact that none of them show in the UI.

I have verified that websockets are established on connection to the page, and that taiga-events is serving subscriptions.

Likely unrelated but potentially useful in painting a picture, I’ve also noticed that if I set a custom user profile picture in the app I get 404s when the frontend tries to retrieve it.