Taiga - Self Hosted. Is it possible to remove the story # from the front of every story

Is it possible to remove the story number? In this screenshot, it would removing the #5

Hello there, @jwashburn, and welcome to the Taiga Community.

At the moment, there is no straightforward approach to eliminating the # from the view. This symbol is part of the identifier that Taiga employs for the item, and it is used in various other areas, such as integrations, where it is mandatory.

However, it is possible to remove the # as it is not a requirement in the user interface. Since Taiga is a self-hosted application, you can manually remove it by editing this line in this file: taiga-front/card-title.jade at 608faa1456159eb10331a4489b4bf5dd5470c932 · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front · GitHub.

If you are willing to remove the entire reference (not only the # symbol) you might want to edit the zoom directive to hide/show it depending on the zoom level: taiga-front/kanban-board-zoom.directive.coffee at 608faa1456159eb10331a4489b4bf5dd5470c932 · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front · GitHub

Hope it helps.