The front page says "Something happened and the Taiga has captured the error to be able to work on it."

When checked using the debug tools, it says CORS failed. I have attached a screenshot of the error and the debug panel. Any help would be appreciated

Its nice to see no response for two days

Hi @m3tr0n !
Unfortunately, browsers will happily throw away CORS errors that are not really the cause of the issue you’re experiencing. It’s quite distracting. In order to help you, can you share the details of your deployment? How much did you depart from the instructions shared here?

Actually this is what I’ve been using : Install Taiga in Production since I’m on an ARM64 platform that doesn’t have a compatible docker image available.
The only thing that is different in my setup is the value of front-end location in the taiga.conf file in the nginx configuration

    # Frontend
    location / {
        alias /home/taiga/taiga-front-dist/dist/;
        index index.html;
        try_files $uri $uri/ index.html =404;

because the location of index.html is actually inside the dist folder in the taiga-front-dist directory

This is probably a configuration error (in conf.json). The frontend is making the API calls (taiga-back) to a url that doesn’t exist or isn’t visible for some reason. CORS error is the common message of the browser.

How is your conf.json? and your nginx configuration? Can you paste the log traces from nginx? Where is taiga-back running? Can you access to the superadmin panel? In witch url?

The admin panel was accessible and so was the api page. The front-end simply said that “Something happened and the Taiga has captured the error”

I reset the server and now trying to reinstall it from scratch one last time before I give up due to lack of any more time on my hands. Here’s hoping it works

If you could access the superadmin panel, the problem would almost certainly be in the conf.json. The API url would be wrong.

I run a few projects on your hosted Taiga. It was great at the beginning, but recently this error happens to me way too often (about every 25 clicks the error happens once). This happens on both my Linux and Mac workstations.

@stevennt1, could you please check the developer console to see if there are any errors, and also verify if there are any errors in the network tab?


I have the same problem here is my taiga-front-dist/dist/conf.json

    "api": "",
    "eventsUrl": "wss://",
    "baseHref": "/",
    "eventsMaxMissedHeartbeats": 5,
    "eventsHeartbeatIntervalTime": 60000,
    "eventsReconnectTryInterval": 10000,
    "debug": false,
    "debugInfo": false,
    "defaultLanguage": "en",
    "themes": [
    "defaultTheme": "taiga",
    "defaultLoginEnabled": true,
    "publicRegisterEnabled": true,
    "feedbackEnabled": true,
    "supportUrl": "",
    "privacyPolicyUrl": null,
    "termsOfServiceUrl": null,
    "maxUploadFileSize": null,
    "contribPlugins": [],
    "tagManager": {
        "accountId": null
    "tribeHost": null,
    "enableAsanaImporter": false,
    "enableGithubImporter": false,
    "enableJiraImporter": false,
    "enableTrelloImporter": false,
    "gravatar": false,
    "rtlLanguages": [

I have try to delete :8000 But, no changes.

Resolved in Different problem after installation from source code.