Trello Card Id and Board Id in taiga

Does taiga store trello card Id and board Id in db from trello board data? I did some digging bt couldnt find any. Can anyone tell me how taiga maps trello board Id and card id with its user stories? if taiga stores boardId and cardId where can I find them? thanks

Hi @shakhawat1355

Although it is not shown in the interface. The card url in trello should be stored in the database in an array field column called external_referrence.

This is the code who do that

During the import process, remember to enable the checkbox “Link with Trello”

And even the api returns the value

I hope this can help

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Thanks for the response.
But what I meant to say that each board and card has a unique identifier like “6347a5a0d3ebb401df5e7f79” , a 24/25 character long string to identify the board or card in trello ecosystem. What I need to know that if this unique 24 char long identifier is stored in the taiga db or not? please reply if you know anything on this matter.

No, the only information that is currently stored is what I have already mentioned. Sorry.