Unable to build taiga-front

Actually, I can’t even get to the point where building would be possible… when following the docs, I get to the step where I have to run npm install, and get the following error:

npm WARN tarball tarball data for taiga-html-editor@git+ssh://git@github.com/kaleidos-ventures/taiga-html-editor.git#06d56bcbe646f0ffdafba7bb76f0a0b9a8691128 (sha512-FVR9P3GUH04rV0VfqDJiw9M9DigI7kBlLGXdNaKOjFbG5d25ZdXICQ3EZKLY4M0AzXE8U+yQ7b3sHB9wK4UMoQ==) seems to be corrupted. Trying again.
npm ERR! sha512-FVR9P3GUH04rV0VfqDJiw9M9DigI7kBlLGXdNaKOjFbG5d25ZdXICQ3EZKLY4M0AzXE8U+yQ7b3sHB9wK4UMoQ== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-FVR9P3GUH04rV0VfqDJiw9M9DigI7kBlLGXdNaKOjFbG5d25ZdXICQ3EZKLY4M0AzXE8U+yQ7b3sHB9wK4UMoQ== but got sha512-kfP03NKnvFAnpsV8MBuJW3qT4gXsL2RUId8hbtdAGhV2vnPvab6/XP04nCMsQcgRR12EwAixr7QB9r8AwiX9Ng==. (37437571 bytes)

It’s working for me. Please check that you are using the correct Node version, Node v16.19.1 (npm v8.19.3). Also, try npm cache verify or npm cache clean --force.

That’d likely be the issue… I started out testing prod before deciding to switch to dev so i could do some customizations, the prod docs specify a node 12 requirement, so I assumed the same was true for dev and didn’t change versions (why do the prod docs have such an old requirement specified?)

It’s a mistake; we missed it. We’re going to change it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for reporting.