Who has to pay to use taiga.io?

Taiga is an Open Source platform. At the same time, we provide a freemium cloud/SaaS offer so you can use our own infrastructure to host all your projects and teams. Depending on your use, we may charge for this service.

But who has to actually pay?

A project owner that needs to go beyond the FREE PLAN needs to pay a monthly or yearly amount based on Taiga’s Pricing Policy. This project owner is responsible for the payment of all their projects’ team members. Project owners only pay once per team member, regardless of how many projects those team members belong to or the overall number of private projects a project owner administers.

As a project owner, you can always check which Taiga users are counting towards your paid subscription under user settings subscription settings.

Regular team members, even if they enjoy the ADMIN role in a number of projects, do not pay. They are taken care of by their Taiga project owner.

Of course, a Taiga user could be a regular user under a paying Taiga project owner and, with that same Taiga account, be project owner to others. In that case, this Taiga user would pay for their respective projects’ team members.