Why Taiga? What makes Taiga’s core proposition?

This a fair question every agile team should ask themselves. It’s not like there are no options out there, if anything, there are too many project management tools available.

And we think that’s exhausting, to be honest. Which one of the myriad options out there would make a good match for your organization?

When the team behind Taiga created it in 2015, we knew we needed something different, something really good. Do you know that saying that goes like “play chess against a better player so you’re sure to learn”? We wanted Taiga to be our friendly agile opponent, gladly making sure we would always be ready for the next challenge in a virtuous learning cycle.

Taiga is not meant for everyone or, rather, Taiga is not meant to please everyone. So what is that makes Taiga’s core proposition?

First and foremost, Taiga is Open Source. If you value the flexibility this provides, the assurance that you’re not putting your projects’ data into a black box or the capacity you gain to adapt it to your needs, then Taiga is a winner. Very few solid enterprise-ready project management platforms are open source. Taiga is arguably #1 here.

Taiga is all about team collaboration where everyone’s voice counts. Whether you’re a hardcore techie, a designer, a lawyer, a comms specialist or just planning your wedding, Taiga makes sure that, as a platform, it stays out of the way, and lets you decide what to use now and what to leave for your future selves. Start simple and see where the project needs lead you and your team.

Taiga tries hard to ensure that whether implicitely or explicitely, the agile and lean principles govern your daily work. When we’re about to develop any new Taiga feature we always ask ourselves “what could go wrong with this?”. If we find it too easy for users to embrace the dark side of a feature, then we go back to the drawing board. Sometimes, the absence of a particular feature brings the most compelling benefit.

After all, Taiga is agile project management made easy, intuitive and effective.

We could go on and on about some Taiga exclusive perks, like it being translated into 20+ languages, enjoying a vibrant worldwide community, an amazing API or the fact that it allows for Scrum, KANBAN or a simple ticketing system. But what makes Taiga so special is the team behind it, a diverse and joyful bunch of people, determined to make sure that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, our mission is to make sure you get to enjoy any project’s journey. Enjoy your visit to the Taiga!

Taiga’s core team

What if I stop loving you? Can I take my data and go?

Sure you can! You have the option of export your project, package it, and take it elsewhere, or import it to any other Taiga instance, managed by you or by another service provider.

You can download Taiga or register online for our Free Trial.