Any way to "watch" a "status" on a Kanban board?

Is there a way I can set a user to “watch” a particular status? For instance, I would like to get an email when any User Story is moved to a specific status. Then I can monitor when User Stories are at the stage where they require action from me without having to check the actual Kanban board. Or is there another way, philosophically, I should be looking at this?

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To stay updated on specific User Stories, you can add yourself as a watcher to those stories. In this way, you will receive notifications when the story moves.

Sure, but is there a way to watch a specific status and not each story? I don’t want a notification each time a story moves, but a notification when any story moves to a specific place.

No, currently we don’t have a way to do that, sorry.

That would indeed be helpful. Let’s say you contribute to a story, but only after some point. Instead of asking coworkers to add you to the story once it reaches some status, you could just watch that status, and when the status is moved, you’d get a notification.