Not getting notifications from everybody's comments on a user story in Kaban

I have only enabled the Kaban module for my Taiga setup and I have created some custom roles in my project. Some roles have the option to create,edit,delete user stories while other’s have the option to only view/comment on user stories.
Now when this second group comments on the stories, I the product owner do not get any notification.
How to fix it ?

Hi @zepo and welcome to the community!

You are right. It is unexpected that you are not receiving notifications from some users depending on its permissions.

In Taiga, you should be notified by default if you are involved in a user story. Meaning that should be notified by default if you created the story, you are a watcher, or you modified the story previously.

So, just a few questions to gather more information:

  • Did you modify your notifications level on the user profile?
  • Is your user involved in any of those stories? Ensure that your user was involved in the story before the user commented.
  • Could you try to create a new story and ask one of those users to comment?



To fix the issue of not receiving notifications when users from the second group comment on user stories in your taiga setup, you need to adjust the notification settings. Go to your project settings in taiga and locate the notification settings sections. Look for the specific setting related to user story comments, which may be labeled as Comment Added. Notification option for this event is enabled for the relevant user roles, including the product owner role.

By enabling the notifications, you should start receiving alters whenever users from the second group comment on user stores, allowing you to stay informed and actively participate in the project progress.