Create sprints in advance for planning purposes

I have started using the self-hosted version of Taiga. Based on our project and organization requirements, we have to plan the deliverables for every quarter in the form of sprints.

While Taiga allows me to create multiple sprints and assign dates to them, the following information seems missing and confusing.

  • An indicator showing the currently active sprint within multiple sprints.
  • A field in tasks/user stories/bugs showing the sprint they belong to.
  • A description field showing the goals/summary of the sprint.

It’ll be nice if someone could help me understand any configuration that can address the above points.


Taiga is not meant to have multiple sprints filled with open stories at the same time. Typically, teams retrieve stories from the backlog to an open sprint. When the stories are finished, the sprint is considered closed and disappears visually. That’s why we didn’t run into any teams that needed to differentiate the current sprint from the rest, until now :slight_smile: . We will think about it.

About the other two things, both are good ideas, and we have them under our radar. However, you can enter both as feature requests in our project in Taiga. Please note these will not be addressed for a while as we are focused on creating our new Taiga.