Due date do not stop when completed

When I move my user stories to completed status the due date field continues to count, changing color up to the overdue threshold. When a user story is complete the due date indicator should stop, right?
What could be going on?

Hi Fvcosta2011!
You’re totally right, it needs to change color once it’s marked as completed. Right now we’re all about the next version, but we’ll make sure to keep that in mind for the next round of development. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Hi again! can I ask you a quick question? After finishing a story, do you often have to go back into the details and get bothered by the due date still appearing in red? Or is your suggestion for the sake of consistency?

Hi Esther!
Both. As we mainly use the kanban mode, the red clock, even in the completed status, confuses the manager’s attention because it is an incredibly visual tool.
Ideally, when completed, the deadline data persists as history, but the clock disappears from the user story view.