How use Scrum Nexus with

Hi guys

How useScale Scrum with Nexus into Taiga?

For example:

I have 3 teams (Design Team, Dev Team and Editorial Team) working every with projects but for planning the sprints between teams because is possible that “Dev Team” require a document from “Design Team”, and “Editorial Team” require a website from “Dev Team” for write the editorial content.

So it is necessary to have a global view of the work dependencies in each project between sprints of each team.

With Confluence & Jira is possible can use Scale Scrum with Nexus™ here a video.

Then it is possible to use Scrum Nexus with Taiga?


Hi @macagua and welcome to the Taiga Community.

If I understand your needs correctly, there is an approach that you can try that may handle your requirements:

As you may already know, there’s another type of entity above the classic user stories called Epics. In Taiga, you need to activate the Epic Module to use them.

Epics can group user stories from different projects, and these stories can be placed in different sprints within those projects.

From the Epics view, you can quickly identify the project to which a user story belongs (as every epic’s user story has a common colored tag representing its parent epic). From the side menu, you can access the details of your epics, list their user stories, and view the overall progress bar for the epic (which can also be expanded to check the individual progress bars of its user stories and tasks).

You can try using this three-level approach, which may allow you to have a global view of dependencies and needs between team projects.

I hope it helps!