Installation on Kubernetes

Hey there,

I would like to ask you if there is some Developer Version of a taiga helm-Chart for a Kubernetes deployment.

We’re running on a k8s environment only and tried to use the GitHub - nemonik/taiga-helm: A helm chart for Taiga
project to evaluate the taiga solution, but after a few hours of debugging and hacking, we’ve decided to fail on this track :frowning: (Duplicate Volume Mounts, missing EnvironmentVariables for Postgres data paths, etc)

I would love to try taiga onprem, can someone help ?



Hi, @schmandforke

There is no official version right now but I recommend you try this one.


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Will this type of a self-hosted option be part of the Taiga Next you have been working on?

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Of course, it’s something that is on our roadmap for when we work on the installation system.

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Don’t know if there are more people who run or try to run Taiga on Kubernetes. The mentioned helm chart did help me to get going, still I think people should be ready to do a bit of tweaking to their needs.

I’ll try to capture my tweaks and provide them in the PR here: Small tweaks by johbo · Pull Request #2 · jmferrer/taiga-docker · GitHub so that others have a chance to find them and pick things if there is anything useful in their for their needs.

Working for a DevOps Company that does a lot of self hosting, I had to set up a single node cluster running taiga. I stumbled upon a few issues, but following the docker compose files and the referred pull request by johbo, the team and I were able to set up a running instance.

Usually we package our findings in a clojure framework we call c4k, which generates all required resources. The linked gitlab repo contains these resource files under src/main/resources/taiga:

However, these deployments assume the existence of another postgres deployment.
This can be found under src/main/resources/postgres here:

Hope this provides some value to whoever tries something simillar :slight_smile: