Is it possible to get a json export of a public Taiga board?

The reason why I’d like to get an export from one, maybe even several of these boards is that I’m currently doing my graduation internship, for which I’m doing research.

It’s for this research I need to group issues on their similarity so that I can then do follow up analysis on them and the company I’m doing the research for uses Taiga boards for their internal projects.

The only issue is that their projects are not really big, with a somewhat small set of issues on each board. And I now need a really big dataset, to see if my program to match issues and show the time spend working on an issue is properly working.

Thus coming back to my question, would it be possible to get a json export of a public Taiga board, such as the board of Taiga itself. I wouldn’t even need the full export, only the “issues” key with all it’s contents

Hi @MisterPrincess, welcome to our community.
It’s possible to export a json from your Taiga board. All you have to do is go to Settings > Project > Export and click on the ‘Export’ button.
You’ll get emailed a link to download the dumped file.
I hope this helps you out.