List of issues through projects

Hello ! I found some suggestions on the Github project, about the possibility to display on the same page all the issues through project. A good way, I think, to deal with issues for a devs company, for example ? And to check specifically the list of issues and focus on it, without to check in each project one by one ?

Hi @Valerian_Guivarch

Yeah! You’re absolutely right, it makes sense to be able to focus on issues from multiple projects rather than checking each project.

In previous versions of Taiga, we developed the panel you can see at the main page. There you can find everything you are working on (meaning, assigned to). But, as we can see by the data we are collecting, this feature is not satisfying the needs of the users.

So yes, we should think on a better way to display the elements the user should focus on in multiple projects at once for future releasees.

Thanks for your suggestion!