New to Taiga and can not delete/remove notification

I am trying to remove the automatic message that gets sent by default when you sign up (or learn how to remove any notification in the future if I want to). I don’t see the usual icons (trash, X, a delete button), It doesn’t seem like you can select the message in any way and get additional functionality from doing so. The closest thing I can see is the “Remove” button at the bottom of the screen - which seems to offer the ability to remove the tag with my username - but I’m uncertain as to what this would result in. Would it mean I never get any message from discobot? Would that be a good thing (or possibly not)? And if that is what happens then why wouldn’t you still have a way to delete individual messages that you don’t need?

Any help would be appreciated. I’ll attach a screenshot / clip so you can see what I’m looking at.


It’s ok - it isn’t that important right now. Sorry for the bother.

Hi @blahboybaz

Discobot is a “first steps” wizard in Discourse (the software we use in this forum) and you can interact with it to obtain help about how to use the functionalities of this forum (Who is Discobot?). So Discobot is not a notification system.

However, you can find your notifications settings in your user profile at Preferences > Notifications (

I hope this can help.

Best regards