Proposal: Mobile App

When presenting our Taiga instance, a colleague of mine asked if there was a mobile (specifically, an iOS) app for Taiga. To my knowledge, there only is a now-discontinued Android app: GitHub - EugeneTheDev/TaigaMobile: Android app for Taiga agile system

Nice features of such an app would be:

  • Offline access to the current todos (of course, that would require some sort of sync mechanism)
  • Push notifications on activity

I am aware that developing and maintaining a separate mobile app is a massive effort to create what is essentially a redundancy, but maybe it can be realised more efficiently in some way, e.g. by making Taiga Next a Progressive Web App.

Yeah! You’re absolutely right, it makes more sense to build TaigaNext as able to present itself depending on the device and that’s our current approach. Also, this will have to meet our very high accessibility benchmarks. So yes, no specific native mobile app but rather a progressive webapp or a simple mobile companion that focuses on 2-3 things that matter for a smartphone.

We’re going to hold a TaigaNext stream at the beginning of December and I’d love to have you there asking some of these questions! Stay tuned!