Proposal: Mobile App

When presenting our Taiga instance, a colleague of mine asked if there was a mobile (specifically, an iOS) app for Taiga. To my knowledge, there only is a now-discontinued Android app: GitHub - EugeneTheDev/TaigaMobile: Android app for Taiga agile system

Nice features of such an app would be:

  • Offline access to the current todos (of course, that would require some sort of sync mechanism)
  • Push notifications on activity

I am aware that developing and maintaining a separate mobile app is a massive effort to create what is essentially a redundancy, but maybe it can be realised more efficiently in some way, e.g. by making Taiga Next a Progressive Web App.


Yeah! You’re absolutely right, it makes more sense to build TaigaNext as able to present itself depending on the device and that’s our current approach. Also, this will have to meet our very high accessibility benchmarks. So yes, no specific native mobile app but rather a progressive webapp or a simple mobile companion that focuses on 2-3 things that matter for a smartphone.

We’re going to hold a TaigaNext stream at the beginning of December and I’d love to have you there asking some of these questions! Stay tuned!


Will TaigaNext (the normal web version) be optimized for mobile?

There will be an optimized version for mobile but we don’t think you will need everything you get on the tablet/desktop mode. What do you think your mobile use case would look like?

I don’t know to be honest since I’m not already using taiga. I’m just considering it.

I guess some people might be fine if not 100% is working on mobile and that it might be a pita or even ridiculous in some case to make everything mobile-friendly.

But I’m greedy and a dreamer.


well, I tested taiga (just for a few klicks) and it has everything I need. except for smartphone compatibility - which forces me to not use it.

we’re searching for an agile tool to run our daily businesses as well as projects around our community place - but most of us could only access by phone. very sad that the website is not compatible.

the android app by Eugene seems to do it’s job, and I’d already be fine with such functionality - but I also need iOS-support…

as it is, Taiga seems to be a tool only for the office, but not for non-office-collaboration, which at least as far as I can say, scares away a lot of potential and professional customers - they might stick to trello in the end. nowadays everyone needs to have access to their data from everywhere, so this seems a mayor issue to me.
I wouldn’t be worried, if I could build a webapp from your website, but even that is not possible since it’s not optimized for small screens - and fingers.

What is the status on a Mobile App

Hi @Jay_Cornelius,
Unfortunately, the mobile app is not in our roadmap. Currently, we are optimizing Taiga Next for tablets and Desktop.


I too would like to plead for a dedicated mobile app. Mobile access is the top requirement for my organization (make or break), and looking through the comment thread it seems important for many others. I’m currently looking into porting Eugene’s old Android app to iOS, but that would be a total waste if we could just get a PWA on the road-map for TaigaNext. If the project were a bit more open, i know devs that would love to help contribute to making the PWA a reality. If Kaleidos doesn’t have the resources to work on a PWA (totally understandable), then how can we turn the issue so we can get more folks involved?

Hey! I recently found Taiga and I want to replace my Trello setup for my personal projects. Now I love it! Its simple, but powerfull :slight_smile:
I also found 3rd party app from Eugene which is great! - but it can stop working in the future(?)…

So, mobile version, at least for simple things like changing story status, commenting and reading docs would be super helpful. App is not needed, web is universal…