Taiga create Project > Temporary failure in name resolution


Following this tutorial to install from source code:
=> Install Taiga in Production

I have error when trying to create a project
=> new Project => Kanban => Private Projet

If someone has an idea of logs or something, because I see only the one access log in:
sudo tail -f /home/taiga/logs/nginx.access.log /home/taiga/logs/nginx.error.log

On this post ajax call
=> POST https://taiga.empoweredgame.com/api/v1/projects

gaierror at /api/v1/projects

[Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution

Request Method: 	POST
Request URL: 	https://taiga.empoweredgame.com/api/v1/projects
Django Version: 	3.2.19
Exception Type: 	gaierror
Exception Value: 	

[Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution

Exception Location: 	/usr/lib/python3.10/socket.py, line 955, in getaddrinfo
Python Executable: 	/home/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/bin/python3
Python Version: 	3.10.12
Python Path: 	


Server time: 	Sun, 18 Feb 2024 14:38:19 +0000
Traceback Switch to copy-and-paste view

    /home/taiga/taiga-back/.venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/django/core/handlers/exception.py, line 47, in inner

                        response = await sync_to_async(response_for_exception, thread_sensitive=False)(request, exc)

                    return response

                return inner



                def inner(request):


                        response = get_response(request)


                    except Exception as exc:

                        response = response_for_exception(request, exc)

                    return response

                return inner

hi @Dreamer

I’ve checked your taiga instance and it has some issues that you should address first.
The issue module seems to not have any status, which should not happen and it may lead to database errors. Through the UI it’s not possible to delete all statuses, maybe you change something directly? a script?


Hello yami,

Thanks for answer, but sorry I do not see what is this “The issue module seems to not have any status”.

I must check the database data in a particular table for example?

ps: It is a new installation with no project created.
But there was an exception when creating first project from BO, and has been done multiple time to check if no logs or something.
=> So perhaps some data inserted in database with missing data like you say yes.

ps2: I have no lines in table “issues_issue” for example in database

Hi @Dreamer !

Regarding the “new installation” with no project created, I can see there are at least 7 projects (those are public): Taiga

In this project in your instance, you can see in the dev-tools that the issue_statuses is null, while in this other project in the Taiga Tree, you can check the issue_statuses attribute has different statuses, coming from the template.

Maybe you changed this template?

If your instance is still new, you can try from scratch.


Hello Yami,

Yes thanks there is some projects created yes so strangly.

But if I try to delete one project from the list on this page for example
=> Taiga

I have the same error

Temporary failure in name resolution

I do not change anything. I do only like the documentation link I give in first comment.

I’m asking if I do not do wrong configuration for rabbitmq config perhaps?


if the database is corrupted, then maybe is the cause for problems in deletion.
Can you share some logs of the backend service?

I suggest you run locally taiga and check if the problem perists; according to our knowledge it’s a problem of your specific installation.


Hello, database seems ok for me.

But regarding the exception it is rabbitmq connexion problem I think.
I see this error later in the api post call

<bound method Connection._connection_factory of <Connection: amqp://rabbitmquserxxxxx:**@rabbitmqxxxxx:5672/taiga at xxxxxxxx>>

I will check to test the connexion to rabbitmq to verify this point

Thanks for your help, I will come back with more info.

So yes regarding more in the logs I see theses logs in ubuntu server logs

Feb 28 19:16:29 ip-172-31-98-221 celery[1725249]: [2024-02-28 19:16:29,359: ERROR/Beat] beat: Connection error: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution. Trying again in 32.0 seconds...
Feb 28 19:16:29 ip-172-31-98-221 celery[1725231]: [2024-02-28 19:16:29,361: ERROR/MainProcess] consumer: Cannot connect to amqp://rabbitmquser:**@rabbitmq:5672/taiga: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution.
Feb 28 19:16:29 ip-172-31-98-221 celery[1725231]: Trying again in 32.00 seconds... (16/100)

So at the end, I can see that there is problem to login to rabbitmq yes.

  1. Can you see me if I have not done something wrong in this file?
    => /home/taiga/taiga-events/.env
  1. There is something trying to connect to rabbitmq but with domain “rabbitmq” regarding the log?
 Cannot connect to amqp://rabbitmquser:**@rabbitmq:5672/taiga: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution.

=> Where can be configured a domain “rabbitmq” or “rabbitmqhost” for rabbitmq connection?
Seems other place that the file of point 1.

ps: I confirm that adding in the hosst of the server this line, it work ok now (really strange) rabbitmq rabbitmqhost

ps2: I’m deleting all projects with your special urls actually

Thanks for help

So finally I have found the problem.
And I can now create a project, he appear in the projects page, and delete it.

  1. I have removed the host line

  2. In file /home/taiga/taiga-back/settings/config.py
    => I fix theses two lines

    "url": "amqp://rabbitmquser:rabbitmqpassword@rabbitmqhost:5672/taiga"

CELERY_BROKER_URL = "amqp://rabbitmquser:rabbitmqpassword@rabbitmq:5672/taiga"

If fix here the two rabbitmq not existing domains “rabbitmqhost” and “rabbitmq”
=> with value “”

Do it seems a good and normal fix?

Or is it better to let theses domains and need to add them in /etc/hosts?


ps: To explain this problem, I perhaps fix the rabbitmq default domain of the doc “rabbitmqhost” during the installation after some other commands played.