Taiga installed but functions are not working correctly

Hello there

server: ubuntu 20.04
taiga: latest version
installation method: from Source code

I have installed taiga from mannual(Install Taiga in Production) but cannot create or delete project and even invite members

How can I fix this? please help

Hi @Jonibek welcome to our community!

We need more information about what did you do exactly:

  • did you use a superuser created with the django manage.py?
  • did you load the sample data?

Besides, in the api service you probably are receiving some logs and a traceback; can you paste it?



I have solved it by correcting RabbitMQ

after creating Rabitmquser and vhost:
sudo rabbitmqctl add_user taiga Password
sudo rabbitmqctl add_vhost taiga
sudo rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p taiga taiga “." ".” “.*”

I added RabbitMQ details in config files of:
/home/taiga/taiga-back/settings/config.py and /home/taiga/taiga-events/.env

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