Taiga login not working

Hello i have an issue when i try to connect using the default username (admin:123123) im setting taiga up on kuberenetes, please refer to the screenshot i gave

Thanks in advance

hi @BETA welcome to our community!

We don’t have official support to kubernetes (yet), so to check if it’s a Taiga problem, I invite you to use the official docker-compose and see if the problem is still there. This way, we can be probably more relevant troubleshooting the problem.

Which version of Taiga are you using?

One more note: by default Taiga doesn’t have a default username with this password. We do have a sample-data feature and I think we may create a dummy admin, but it’s not advised to use it in production environments. You should create an admin user with a strong password.


@BETA could you provide the kubernetes yaml you are using and the steps to reproduce the error? Have you checked the database is populated?