User locked out

Hi, this is my first post to the community and I am really hoping someone will be able to help with this issue.

I am our Taiga admin. I did not set any of it up; I inherited it. However, I have added and removed users and set up permissions and new projects for the last 3 years.

We have a user who could not get into his account, so he chose the forgot password option and reset his password. I watched him do this and also tried myself from his computer to make sure he wasn’t just clicking on a wrong button or mistyping something. He gets a successful message that he has reset his password, but when he tries to log in, he still gets the Oops… message that his username or password is incorrect.

I should have known better. BUT, I wanted to test it from a different computer, so I signed out of my account and tried signing into his. I get the same error from my computer. I also now cannot sign back into my own account. I can reset my password, but the exact same thing happens – computer tells me the password has been updated but when I try to sign in, Taiga tells me my username or password is incorrect.

So now we are both locked out and my other admin was not signed it and also cannot sign in.

I have signed in and out of my account multiple times before and never encountered an issue, so I don’t know what is going on now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @anon21515651

I’m so sorry to hear this. You’re describing a behavior I haven’t seen before. I have a few questions that might help me figure out what might be going on:

  • Are you using your own instance of taiga, on premise, or, our SaaS?
  • If you are using on premise, are you using ldap?
  • What browser are you using, the same on both pcs?

I recommend three different tests to see if the results are the same:

  • use incognito mode in a new browser tab
  • clear the browser’s cache and local storage
  • try another browser

I hope this can help to discover the problem.

Best regards

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply. As I understand it, we are using our own instance of Taiga running on AWS. We are not using ldap. All users generally use Chrome. I have tried logging in in incognito mode, clearing the cache and logging in, and logging in through Edge instead. I get the same Oops…! message each way. The site itself seems to be functioning just fine. User who are still logged in are able to continue posting. I am still receiving email notifications as usual.

If you have tried with another browser and another pc I can’t think of any other check to do without knowing more information about the system installation.

Maybe, if you know, you can use the browser dev tools (pressing F12 and see Network tab) to check the request and response made during the login process (call to http://…/api/vi/auth) but I doubt it will provide us with more information…

Talk to the Taiga instance administrator. I don’t think so, but maybe for some strange reason your user is blocked.

It seems like there’s an issue with user authentication in Taiga, where resetting passwords doesn’t resolve the problem. I suggest reaching out to Taiga’s support team for assistance. In the meantime, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and testing from different browsers or devices.
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