Wiki bookmarks don't work for pages with uppercase characters

Example: I create a wiki page called “Lua”, and the URL for the page is my-project/wiki/Lua – note the uppercase URL. I then click the “Add Bookmark” button in order to add a bookmark, and type the page name as Lua (uppercase), yet the bookmark generated points to my-project/wiki/lua and obviously doesn’t work.

I have checked that this change of the URL happens on the server side; the request is sent to with the payload {“project”:1561360,“title”:“Lua”} and the response from the server is {“id”: 129564, “project”: 1561360, “title”: “Lua”, “href”: “lua”, “order”: 1717155087346}

This makes the Bookmarks functionality pretty much useless unless extra care is taken to ensure every URL is created in lowercase. Either the bookmarks should allow uppercase characters, or the URLs shouldn’t.

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I’m trying to replicate this, how are you creating the pages?

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