Community login via GitHub throws Javascript error

The log-in window for has “Log in with Google” and “Log in with GitHub” buttons on the side. But when I click either of them, nothing happens. Using “Inspect element,” it appears that the buttons call a function in login.js that doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, the create-account window does not share this issue.

(Apologies if I’m posting in the wrong section, but there doesn’t seem to be a “right” one for this topic…)

Hello @SiriusBizdness,

I have tried creating accounts and login with GitHub and Google and they work perfectly. Could it be something related to a plugin or extension on your browser? Can you offer us more information about your setup (operating system, browser version…)? Can you try in an incognito window/tab?

Best regards

OS: Win10 22H2 KB5032189 x64
Browser: Chrome 119.0.6045.160 x64

The issue seems to have resolved itself.


It may have been a temporary issue with the Github API becoming unresponsive for a while. However, we will be alert in case it happens again. Anyway, we will be alert in case it happens again.

Best regards.

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